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This is My Moms Special Dish.We used to help my Mom and Granny while cleaning this flower. Though this takes a lot of time to clean the flower, it is worth to spend that time.

Ingredients :

Plantain Flower (Arati Puvvu) – One
Fenugreek Seeds (Mentulu) – One Fist Full – Shall be about 50-75 Grams
Tamarind : About the Size of a medium Lemon
Gram Dal (chana Dal ) – 1 Table Sppon
Mustard – One table Spoon
Red Chilly – 4
Green Chilly – 2
Karivepaku (Kadi Patta) – as reqd
Salt – To taste
Turmeric – A pinch
Oil – 2 spoons ( For Tadka)

Preparation : First Clean the Plantain Flower as follows  I give credit to this blogger for the detailed description along with pictures. You can see it all here
1. Remove the outer petal and you can see a bunch of florets inside. As you go on, you will see the colour of the petal turning white. You need not clean further if the petal is white and tender.
2. Take the florets and remove the stamen and the small cover along with it
 (My grand Mother used to call this a Dongadu (chor)
3. Chop the florets after removing the stamen and the white cover and discard the bottom portion of the florets.

Method for the curry :

4. Put the chopped flower in the mixie and  grind it. Do not grind too much to make a paste. This should be coarse pieces.
5. Clean this pieces by thoroughly  washing it. while cleaning, the water turns black initially  and then it will be normal after it is cleaned. Keep this aside .
6. Make a paste of the tamarind, add salt and turmeric and dilute this for boiling.
7. Boil the Fenu Greek seeds in this tamarind paste mix till it is soft. 
8. After the seeds are boiled, add the Flower pieces made earlier to this mix, and boil thoroughly.

Preparation of Popu (Tadka)
10. Take a small pan and heat the oil. 
11. Add gram Dal, Urd Dal, Mustard and heat it up. 
12. Once this is heated, add the Red Chilly, and heat further.
13. Now add the Green chilly to this and Kadi Patta and heat all the together.

14. Add this Tadka to the boiled mix and serve. The tasty and healthy AratiPuvvu Koora Is Ready.

This is very good for Diabetic Patients.

Originally posted 2012-01-08 07:21:00.