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Bobbattu is a vary famous traditional dish. if it is made with less sweet, this dish makes your day. The procedure to make this is very simple.
Sanaga Pappu (Chana Dal) – One cup
Jaggery (Powdered) – one cup. Sugar also may be used if you like the taste.
Maida – one Cup
Ghee – 5 Table spoons 
Oil – 5 Spoons
Cardamom – – 5 pieces powdered
Salt – one Pinch
Method –
Soak the Sanaga pappu in water for about 2-3 Hours.
Mix Maida, and Salt with oil and some water to make a soft dough and keep it aside. Cover with a moist cloth so that this is not getting dry.
Boil the Dal in water till it is soft, drain the excess water and keep it aside.
Now Add some water to the Jaggery and boil it till it is dry.( It is called Teega Pakam in Telugu – The test is to put a little in water and it should not be sticky).
Add this Pakam to Boiled Chanadal, and Cardamom Powder and grind all of them together. this will be used for filling( Poornam)
Now take a small ball sized Maida dough. apply some oil on a plain plastic Sheet and flatten the Maida on it like a chapathi. Now place a similar size of the filling made above on the Flattened Maida and cover it completely folding the maida over the filling and prepare like a ball.
Now  flatten this ball using a Roller Pin to make bobbattu.
Now heat this Bobbattu on a tawa with ghee around it.
The delicious Bobbattu is ready.

Originally posted 2011-04-06 16:41:00.