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Ingredients1 cup Palak puree(boil palak, make puree in a mixer)
1 cup chopped fresh methi leaves
paneer 200gms(cut into cubes)
one onion chopped
3 flakes garlic crushed
1 chopped green chilly, a small piece of ginger chopped
2 tbsp oil
fresh cream(optional)

Heat oil. Add onion, chopped garlic and ginger and fry till onions are done.  Add chopped methi and fry further.  add Palak puree, required salt to it and fry.  When the oil starts coming out from sides add paneer cubes.  Add half a glass of water and simmer the stove.  Cook it on low flame for 3 to 4 mins.  Switch off the stove and add fresh cream. 

Originally posted 2011-02-04 15:27:00.