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Turdal (kandipapu )2cups
Garlic slices -7or8
Hing (Asafetida)-1spoon
Salt-to taste
The method
1. Dry fry the turdal in a pan without oil and keep it aside.
2. Similarly dry fry the chanadal without oil
3. Dry fry the jeera, red chili, Hing, salt mixed together (by use low flame, otherwise it will turn black)
4.wait till  the all the heated items are  cooled to normal temperature .
5. Mix the all the above together and along with garlic slices and grind in to a powder (make sure that the powder is not too fine otherwise it will be sticky in the mouth)

The kandipodi is ready.
This is very good to eat with rice and the best combination is rice +kandipodi + sesame oil.
This mixer of kandipodi rice is very good to eat alone but the taste will add up with thick pulusu like kakarakaya pulusu or ullipaya (onion or green onion) pulusu, chinthakaya pulusu
This kandipodi can be added to curd to make an instant chutney with dosa or idly.

Originally posted 2011-01-26 12:03:00.