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Now this Sunday CWC 2011 match is all about the Indian Captain desperately trying to loose a match against South Africa.
Here are the steps if you are in a similar dilemma of how to loose a match. There will be always people like Sachins and Sehwags or may be even Bhajjis who will try to thwart your   plans. But one has to press hard to get his way going.

1. When you are cruising along, Suddenly opt for a Batting Power play and pass instructions to go for the killing.
2. You should loose one wicket to change the batting order and bring in Yousuf Pathan.
3. Ensure you team looses 9 wickets in 8 overs and 29 runs.

Then your next move will be to plan bowling. Here the Zaheers, Bhajjis, and Yuvrajs will be in your way. Make sure you reply them with your weapon called Nehra.
1. try to change the bowling whenever you want. If your weapon nehra is economical, keep him for the last over.
2. you will presented with 2 choices of Nehra and Bhajji.
3. Select Nehra and ask him to bowl so that there is speed in the ball and batsmen use it. you need to leave it if it comes to you
4. put pressure on Nehra so that he will bowl a lolly pop to the tailender.
did not loose.

You have 4 ball more.

Shame on Indian Cricket.

Originally posted 2011-03-15 01:41:00.