18. Dondakaaya (IVY Gourd) Stuffed curry

Dondakaaya is available abundantly in India. It has verity of names in all the languages.
It is called with different names in India. It is humble, not so costly vegetable. It is also called as Kundru.
It is very good for diabetics

Other names for the Kundru vegetable:
Ivy Gourd, Gentleman’s Toes (English)
Dondakaya, Dondakai (Telugu)
Tondakayi (Kannada)
Vargoli (Hindi)
Tindora, Ghiloda (Gujarati)
Tondli, Tendli (Marathi)
Kovakkai (Malayalam)
Kovaikai (Tamil)
Goli (Rajasthani)
Kundru (Utter Pradesh)
The ingredients:
Ivy gourd (Dondakaaya) – 15 Pcs
Chickpea floor (besun) – 3 table spoons
Chilly powder – 2 table spoons ( as per taste)
Salt – to taste
Asafetida ( Hing) – 1 table spoon ( the taste of this curry is in this ingredient. If  you don’t like hing, better not try this)
Salt – to taste
Oil –  as required to fry
The Method
1.       Cut the dondakaaaya to suit to stff it. ( Cut vertically from top about 85% of length. Then cut from the opposite side 85%
2.       Take a bowl and mix thoughrouly all the powders.(Chick pea floor, chilly powder, Hing and salt.
3.       Stuff this mixture into the dondakaaya from both the sides. Be careful not to sparate the pieces of the dondakaaya while stuffing
4.       Take a pan and heat some oil in it. Add the stuffed dondakaaya in it.
5.       Mix slowly so that the ivy gourd does not piece off and the stuff inside is not loose. But ensure that the oil is applied to all the dondakaaya
6.       Cover the pan with a deep plate and pour a little water over the plate. Do not put too much of water, it will not allow you to stir the curry again.
7.       Keep stirring the curry so that all the sides are brown.
8.       Now add the powder left after stuffing to this curry and fry again.
This is good to eat with both rice and roti.  
If you are using a microwave, add the stuffed dondakaaya to a little bit of oil, and add the leftover powder and mix slowly and fully so that the oil is applied to all pieces.
Keep in medium power for 15 min.
The curry is ready.
The benefits
This preparation is especially useful for the patients having diabetes. It is also useful in biliousness and diseases of blood. During fever the use of this preparation with meals, helps in reducing the high temperature.
The Hing used in this preparation is good for digestion and for good bowel moment