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Bandar is also called as Machilipattanam. This town is once famous for its port and now is capital fof District Krishna. I an not sure how this sweet is named after this town, but it is very famous only with that name. The other name of Thokkudu Laddu is common in other parts of Andhra. This is very commonly available in allover Andhra

17. Tokkudu Laddu or Bandar laddu 1
The Ingredients
a) For Muruku
Besan (chick pea flour) — 1 cup

Oil for deep frying (mix 2 tab sp ghee to this oil that will give nice aroma to laddus)

water – 1/4 cup

b)for the syrup 
Water — — 1 cup
Sugar – 1 Cup 

c)For the laddu
 Cashew nuts – 15 broken in to small pieces and fry in little ghee till golden color and leave a side
Cardamom powder – 1 tea sp
Milk or water — 1/4 cup(as required)
Ghee to wet your hands

1. Make a dough with besan and little water this dough should be like muruku dough

2.Heat oil in a deep frying pan

3. arrange muruku disk (round medium holes) in muruku maker

4 fill muruku maker with the prepared besan dough and press in to hot oil and fry till golden color. Ensure that they don’t turn in to brown. don’t worry about Shape ( you are going to grind them

5. Remove from oil and leave a side.


6 Now heat sugar and water to make syrup (take a little water in a bowl and drop few drops sugar syrup in the water and roll with fingers that should form like a small ball)

then add fried murukus to the sugar syrup and mix well and leave a side to cool.

7 .After murukus become cool break them in to small pieces with hands.and grind them in to a fine powder in a mixer (this will take 15—20 min. leave few min gap in between and run the mixer)
8.Now remove from mixer jar add cardamom powder. mix well and sprinkle little milk and make laddus. You may wet your hands with Ghee to make the Laddus. this will give a lot of flavour to the Laddu.
9. Decorate with the Fried Cashew Nuts.

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