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Tomato is used improve the appetite. this is good for blood, and gives helthy skin.
This snakck is a bit sour, and hot. Very good on the taste buds.
1. Oil – Enough to deep fry the Bajji
2. Basun (Bengal Gram Powder) ( Sananga Pindi) – 1 Cup
3. Rice Powder – 3 Table Spoons.
5. Salt- To Taste
6. Chilli Powder – To Taste
7. Cumin ( Zeera) Powder- 1 table Spoon.
8. Tomato – Medium Ripe cut into slices.

1. Mix the Besun, Ricepowder, Cumin Powder, Salt and chili Powder in a flat vessel. Add Water and mix thouroughly to avoid formation of powder balls. Make sure that the batter is not too thin. ( If it is too thin, The Bajji will soak the Oil).
2. Heat the oil in a pan till it is clear.
3.Take each piece of Tomato and dip it into the batter, and deep fry this in the oil.
4. Drain the oil once it turns brown and keep it in a tissue.
The tissue soaks if any oil is on the Bajji.
5. Serve Hot.

Originally posted 2010-12-06 23:35:00.