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It is widely believed that the world is likely to end on 21-12-2012. Various theories are flying thick and fast.
1.       All the planets will be in straight-line – There is not an iota of truth in this. Last time it happened in 2010 and will happen again in 2040.
2.       Galactic line up. – This is only imagination theory and nothing can be proved with this theory. If we so close to an alignment and a black hole, this is not going to happen.
3.       Geomagnetic Reversal. – this is not a phenomenon which suddenly happens.
What is going to happen.
Just that the Calder Cycle restarts. It is same as Jan 1stComing after Dec 31st.
The Calendar ends on Dec 31st. It does not mean the world ends. A new Year Starts.
The Ancient Mayans will have their calendar restart after today.
Enjoy the fun. Have a Great New Cycle.