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Names of weekdays in Telugu and their significance 1There are many second generation Telugu people, who want to learn Weekdays in Telugu  but could do so due to the obvious reason that they do not know to read the Telugu Font. In fact some of the Recently one of my friend in Bangalore was trying to teach his kid about Telugu Months. He was trying to get them from the internet in English font. Most of the websites which have this in Telugu font only. Even i tried to help him finding one. After a lot of search, I thought if I post it myself, i can help others find this.  I hope this post will help them to learn.
While it seems that these are pretty basic, but this is the need of the hour.
I will start with the names of week days in this post along with their English equivalent

Sunday – Aadi vaaramu (Ravi Varamu)

The Day is named after the day lord Sun. Also called as Bhanu Varamu. Sun the planet is called as Ravi, Surya or Bhanu. Hence the name of the day. Auspicious day for worshiping sun. Good for making new friends. and excellent day for journeys and resolving disputes. Golden and Brown are the colors for Sunday

Monday – Soma Varamu (also called as Indu Vaaramu)

The Day lord is Moon. Moon  is called as Soma or Indu in telugu. Auspicious day for worshiping Lord Shiva. Milky White is the auspicious color for Monday.

Tuesday – Mangala Varamu

Managala is the name of the planet Mars. Mars is the Day lord for Tuesday. Auspicious color is Red for this day. Good for Administrative works. Anything ot do with the Army or Police can be attempted on this day. It is also the best day for returning loans.

Wednesday – Budha Varamu

Wednesday is Ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is called as Budha in telugu. Hence the name. Best day for startign Knowledge based business and in general for any business. The colour of Wednesday is Pear Green. Want to plant few new tees, this is the best day.

Thursday – Guru Vaaramu (Lakshmi Varamu)

Day lord is Jupiter. Jupiter is called as Bruhaspati or Guru. the most auspicious day for joining a new course or any educational institution. The auspicious color for Thursday is Yellow. In all acadamic activity can be started on Thursday. Also good for Lakshmi pooja.

Friday – Sukra Vaaramu

The Day lord is Venus the planet of beauty. This is also a day for Women. Good and auspicious day for worshiping goddess. Most suitable for purchase of new vehicles, Medical treatments etc.White or light blue is the colour of the day.

Saturday – Sani Varamu(Shani Varamu)

Saturn who is called as Shani is the lord of the day. Main colour is black. Auspicious for settling legal issues. Good for businesses of Oil and other liquids.


  1. Sindhu Devi K

    Very useful post! Thanks for the effort. As I am told my mother, I have different opinion on some points given here. They are:
    1. Saturday is the best day for planting
    2. Friday is auspicious for worshiping Goddess Lakshmi. Friday is highly auspicious day that whatever (study, chanting, etc) done on Friday will give us more opportunities of doing those works in the future. So, Spending money, starting of medical treatments is a strict No-no on Friday.

    Shared these points with you just to know more about these differences… Hope we would get more light on these 🙂

    The Arts & Me

  2. Priyaraj

    Thanks Sindhu for the comment. This article is based on some old panchangas in my House. However, since i wanted to give this info, i will update if any facts emerge. Meanwhile if you find something on this, please do send me.