Unwatend calls from Telemarketing companies

Recently this unwanted calls has become a menace in . I am not sure of other cities.I recieve at least 2 calls on an average from HDFC  Bank and atleast 2 calls from TATA AIG per day. I am not sure if these are bringing any business to these companies but certainly getting bad name to the company.
I feel these companies should feel shame for letting these people use their names and not apologize.
How to handle these is sometimes tricky. You are in the middle of a business meeting and the phone rings. you get irritated. 
Normally i handle these  in different moods. 
1. Say a polite NO
2. Shout at the callers.
3. Ask them for a mail with details of the offer. I NEVER GOT THIS
4. If it an offer for a personnel loan, I would ask them for full details and say my requirement. It may be ranging from 25 Lakhs, for 20 years and for 3 percent per annum intrest. Normally he will hang up.
4. If I have time, I will inquire more about it and fix an appointment with the executive. call him all the way 20 KM from a distance and say NO at that time.
I know i am being bad on the poor executive but this is the price they pay for disturbing my privacy. 

Recently this unwanted calls has become a menace in Bangalore. I am not sure of other cities.

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