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The Congress Party has announced to split the state of Andhra Pradesh into two states by carving out the new state of Telangana. There are many complications which are likely to be seen in the coming years. A joint family being separated and lots and lots of emotions are to be seen. There will be a huge fallout of this decision which is just political. The congress seems to have looked at only the 2014 elections rather than any thing else. TRS for its part is adding fuel to the fire.
The biggest complication is Hyderabad. the congress has in fact added to the complications by announcing a common capital in Hyderabad. What this has effectively done is to ensure the burning issue kept open. Over the years Hyderabad is emotionally bonded with entire Andhra Pradesh. its been more than one generation people preferred over their native place to Hyderabad. They made Hyderabad as their place and have been part of the city.
Lakhs of people. – this is a classic case of Human Capital and BRAIN DRAIN. Andhraites Traditionally spend in the capital and develop it. previously it was Madras State, where all the spending is done. Now it is shifted to Hyderabad. Imagine these Brains stay in their home towns and develop them, what would by today’s Hyderabad. Hyderabad has been known for Law and order problems before NTR. NTR has made the city safer by improving the Law and order and shift in demographics. This Human capital is the major contributors for the development of Andhra Pradesh. This Human Capital was used to create Strategy, Infrastructure and development. These Brains which shifted from Hyderabad have actually made Hyderabad an attractive place for the IT industry. Microsoft, Google and other such international Gaints are interested in this Human Capital.
Huge investments have been made by many people from all regions in Education, Health Care and IT sectors by the largest business groups of Andhra Pradesh

Businesses (thousands of Crores spent and built the business empires)
Veellanta dabbulu pettaru

Education (More than 15000 cr has been spent on creation of infrastructure like collages, schools, campuses, residential accommodation etc….

Film Industry – Thousands of crores have been spent in the film industry. It was NTR and Chandrababu who spent a lot of time and money to get the Telugu Film Industry from Madras to Hyderabad. more than 90% of the big Producers and actors are not from TG. Huge amounts spent on the creation of infrastructure not by the people from TG. Ramoji Film City
Annapoorna studios
Ramanaidu Studios

Health Care- Hyderabad today is the international destination for healthcare. ( its not only the finance but also the capacity of the Doctors involved in this.
With all this – who developed Hyderabad ???????????. what is the contribution of these so called ‘UDYAMAM PARTY” LEADERS. THEY ALL ARE MILLIONAIRES. THEIR KIN STUDY ABROAD AND SETTLED ABROAD.