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If you are applying for job at a large firm, it is most likely that your resume is going through the first filter. A software.
To make your resume getting through this software, one of the main areas to be addressed is formatting used in creating the resume. There are various software in the market. A resume is a very important tool you use in your Job Search

  1. Here are some tips for making a software friendly resume.
  2. Do not place your contact information in the header of your resume, because filtering softwares can be set to ignore headers and footers so there is a risk this information will be deleted.
  3. Choose a conservative font such as Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, or Calibri.
  4. Serif fonts, such as Times Roman or Cambria may be rejected by screening software.Do not use any script fonts. 
  5. The smallest font size to use for the body of your resume should be 11 point. “Any smaller may not be conisdered.
  6. Strict NO to use of graphics and logos.
  7. Content in the tables may be lost.
  8. No borders to be used. this will be a trouble.
  9. Use atleast  one-inch margin top and bottom. 
  10. Do not use any lines that cross the entire page from margin to margin, because “some filters have been created that will reject a document for nothing more than having a single line run continuously across the page. It is considered as the end line.

These tips will mostly help getting through the  software for the keywords. though the filters are on the Keyword, the formatting plays a role in understanding the content.