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imageOROP(One Rank – One Pension) is a word doing rounds for many years now. So far there were umpteen number of promises made to the Jawans who spent their prime time in the service of the nation. The current situation is that many ex-service men who retired before the successive pay commission end up at the low end of increase or no increase. With the changes due to the implementation of Pay commission and associated raise in the inflation, they remain poor. Remember that the defense personnel join the services at a very early age (from 16 Yrs.) and get discharged by the age 31-36. This will effectively keep them away from the educational opportunities and also spend their prime time of youth in the service of nation. It is really tough for them to use the skill sets developed in the civilian world. They lose the opportunities also post-discharge and live with the meagre pension they get. Over the period, the salaries increase due the pay revisions and the pensions remain to be poor.

Also, as compared to the other civil employees, defense personnel do not get to serve as many years as required to procure optimum pension amount. This means, while a civil servant may put in as many as 33 years and secure a 50% pension, a defense personnel would probably be retired much before he completes that many years and so will not be eligible for the same amount of pension.

What is one rank- one pension?

To do away with this anomaly, the OR-OP is coined. This provision will help the poor servicemen who just live on pension.

It signifies that all servicemen with a specific rank and specific years of service will get the pension equally irrespective of year of retirement. For Example A group x havildar with 20 years of service retired in 1985 will get equal pension with the person with the same group/rank and service who retired in 2010.

While there are umpteen promises to implement this provision, successive governments have ignored keeping the promise. Before the general election 2014, Rahul Gandhi has taken this up and the government has allocated 500 crores for implementation. But this was not implemented. But the new Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised to implement this as soon as possible.

During the inauguration of INS Vikramaditya, NaMo promised that this will be implemented. Knowing NaMo as a man of words we can hope this will see the light of the day soon.

If this is implemented nearly 30 lakh ex-servicemen will be benefited and will help them live a better life.