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When a new government comes to power there are lots and lots of aspirations of the people. Some are requirements and some are good to haves. Everyone has a common goal of improvement through good governance.

Another Factor is that the world has lots and lots of advisers. Here is a list of my advises.
Digitize the governance
Digitization leads to transparency
Transparency leads to reduction in Red Tape
Reduction in Red tape will lead to less corruption.
Many of the Websites owned by various departments are not regularly updated. The government need not spend the crores currently being spent on public blitzkrieg if transparency is established. Any information is available at a click and this will surely serve the country and save millions of rupees to the government.
Allocate a unique id to every transaction and post it on the website of the department. This will let people track the transaction and monitor. For those who are interested, this will be really helpful.
Transparency, transparency and transparency shall be the buzzword for the new government. This will keep the Congress at bay in criticizing. Even adopt the American Model where private companies are part of the government programs. Use the private sector in the delivery model and use the government in verifying. This will lead to arresting the leakages in the system.Most of the government programs fail due to the leakages and not choosing the right target.
Take for example the subsidy on the fertilisers. The current system is that all fertilisers are subsidised based on the consumption by the farmer. the fertiliser companies target the innocent farmers and sell what is excess or what is surplus or what is profitable. What is needed for the soil is not counted. This is in effect making the soil dependent on the unwanted fertilisers.
Instead, limit the subsidy to what is needed and in what quantity. Use the Private sector to set up soil testing labs at every tehasil or Mandal, and give subsidy on the recommendation. make it direct cash transfer. Collect the data at grassroots level and this will help in targeting the subsidy. Such initiatives will initially face some resistance, but ultimately this will lead in long term in multiple advantages
reduction in subsidy
Soil strength
This will also help the fertiliser companies to be competitive and may force them to export as well.
Please post your comments and add your agenda.