More on resume

The resume should be typically of 2 pages. It should contain all the information relavent at the same time minimum things irrlevant.
Eg. If you are applying for the post of an engineer, If you put your hobbies as Listening to music, or your achievements as prizes in sanskrit calss, these are irrelavent. It clearly indicates that you are trying to fill up pages.
Remember your resume should stand-out in a stack. Make sure that it has enough things like formating etc, Not overly cosmetics. The format of your resume should be highlighting the subject inside .
Before sending out your resume, Ensure that there are no spelling mistakes, Duplications, gross mistakes like email mistake, wrong telephone numbers etc. Make sure that the format is good, attractive, readable and “inviting”. ( MS Office has some good templates). Use a commonly used font like Ariel or Times NewRoman.
Use simple English unless you are applying for the post of a linguist. Dont use too much spacing between lines

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