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Wheat flour-1/2 kg
Amarnath leaves-1 small bunch
fenugreek leaves-1 small bunch
spinach-1small bunch
 sambar powder-1 table spoon
masala poweder-1table spoon
dry coconut -1/2cup
salt to taste
Turmeric -1/2 tea spoon
oil-3 table spoon
green chillies-8-10
Method:Chop all the greens finely.turn green chillies to paste. Take oil in a pan add a table spoon of cumin seds to it when they splutter add the chopped greens cook them closing the lid till soft add all the remaining ingredients fry for a while allow the mixture to cool later mix with the wheat flour using water knead into tight dough allow to set for one hour and later roll out into soft chapatties adding oil roast them serve with ghee on the top,serve hot ,these are very hygenic especially for children.