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Sugar – 1 Cup
Oats – 1 Cup
Ripe Mango – 1 Cup (Mashed)
Milk – 1 Cup
Cashew – few
Kismis – few
elaichi Powder – one spoon
Ghee – 1 spoon
MangOats Sweet 1MangOats Sweet 2

Method of preparation
1.Fry the cashew and Kismiss in one spoon of Ghee and keep it aside.
2.  Dry Fry the oats in ghee and keep aside
3.  Boil the milk and add sugar
4. After the sugar is mixed, add the fried oats and boil for 2 min
5. After 2 min, add the Mango paste to the mixture.
6. Cook in simmer,till the raw smell goes off and then
7. Add the Ealichi, Cashew and Kismiss to the sweet. 
Very tasty Mango Oats BhamBham Is ready.
Serve Hot.

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