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Ingredients Required:

Knol kohl: 2 nos

Beaten green gram: 1/2 a cup

Coriander leaf: a little

Green chilli: 1

Oil: 2 spoons

Black dhal: 1/2 spoon

Beaten Bengal gram: 1/2 a spoon

Mustard: 1/2 a spoon

Curry leaf: 4 strings

Salt: according to your taste

Grand coconut: as much as you like

Method of Preparation:

First wash knol-kohl without any mud. then remove the skin using peeler. afterwards grate knol-kohl. wash the beaten green gram dhal well and soak in a vessel of water for half an hour and then filter the entire water.

put two spoons of oil in the pan and keep the same on the stove. after the oil boils. put mustard beaten Bengal gram, green chilli pieces, curry leaf and fry them. switch off the stove after due frying. add the seasoned materials to the vessel containing knol-kohl gratings, coriander leaf, grated coconut, and lemon juice.

Originally posted 2011-06-01 07:42:00.