Dharma Raja Krutha Durga Stavam

This verse is taken from Virata Parvam of Maha Bharatha. This is one of the secrets of the Pandavas to win at Kurukshetra.

Dharma Raja worships goddess Durga before the one year of Hiding. That is the reason for this to be called as Dharma Raja Krutha Durga Stavam. 
Godess Durga will bless with all the victories for those who recite this.
This can be recited for Students for success in Examinations, by the Businessmen for success in their profession.
I have seen the effect of this stotram practically. Wish all the readers every success in their endevour
Watch the video of this stotram here

The PDF version of this very powerful stotram can be downloaded here.

Dharma Raja Krutha Dugra Stavam

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