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DeeparadhanaDeepam – the light for prosperity  is coming of ages as a tradition. There are many benefits of Deeparadhana in a Pooja. Here i am trying to put together some of the auspicious benefits of deepam in the Poojas, Ceremonies and Functions. This is called as deeparadhana.

What are the benefits of Deepam?

Deepam gives Light. The Light represents fire. Light also represents Knowledge. and knowledge is Power. In fact Deepam gives positive vibrations and add to the power of mantra or the chanting. various constituents of Deepam such as the Lamp indicates body, the wick (Ottu) indicates Guru, the Oil indicates faith and the light indicated God. It is an excellent symbolism for the deepam. Scientifically speaking, The light rays produces magnetic forces and change the atmosphere of the room and the air content in the room changes a lot, which penetrates through the skin of the human, activate the nerves penetrates thro the nerves and directly curing the blood. There must be atleast 2 wicks (ottulu) to be kept in deepam, to represent the Prakruthi(Stree – Woman) and Purusha (Man). This also indicates family.

How Many wicks (Ottulu) should be kept in the deepam?

There is a significance and varying benifits according to the number of wicks in a deepam.

  • DeeparadhanaSingle wick (Eka Mukha Deepam) for normal activities.
  • Two wicks (Dwimukha deepam) brings harmony and peace in the family and relatives.
  • Three wicks (Trimukha Deepam) Blesses with progeny.
  • Four wicks (Chathurmukha deepam) brings allround prosperity and sumptuous food.
  • Five wicks (Panchamkukha deepam) showers akhanda aishwaryam or Wealth.
  • Six wicks (Shanmukha deepam) blesses with Akhanda Gyana (Knowledge) & Vairagyam (Renunciation).

What Oil is to be used for deepam?

There are certain benefits of deeparadhana to be gained with different oils being used during the pooja or otherwise

  • Regular Deeparadhana – All Gods – Use Sesame Oil.
  • To get the blessings of Shree Mahalakshmi – Use Cow’s Ghee for Deeparadhana – Gives Ensures radiance and Heavenly bliss (Normal Ghee gives the benefits of Wealth, Health and Happiness
  • To get the blessings of Subramanya/Shreemannarayana – Sesame Oil (Removes unforeseen dangers, Inauspicious events)
  • To get the blessings of Lord Ganesha – Coconut Oil
  • Devi Parashakti – Mixture of Ghee, Castor oil, Coconut oil,Ippanune (Oil extracted from a fruit resembling dried grapes),Vepanune (Oil extracted from the Neem Leaves)
  • Ippa Nune is one of the most used by the people who want to have the blessing of Shakthi.
  • Apart from deeparadhana, if there is a caster lamp glowing in the home gives, Fame, Happy family life, and to gain Spiritual intellect

Deeparadhana has great science in it. Modern science has the concept of not believing until the results are proven and there is a direct correlation established. However, the ancient sages have discovered many things which the modern scince cannot prove today. Significance and the benefits of deeparadhana is similar to that.