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What is GI : Glycemic Index (GI) is the rank of the food items on its effect on the blood sugar. It is on a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being the lowest addition to blood sugar and 100 being the highest.

How is Blood Sugar affected : When you eat foods that contain carbohydrates, the starches and sugars theycontain are converted into a sugar (called glucose)which is released into the blood ,causing a rise in the blood sugar.

This glucose in your blood  is importent – it’s the primary fuel for your brain and muscles and is , in large part , what keeps you going mentally and physically throughout your day. It is normal and must have for the body to function. However, the problem is when the levels are rised too high or dropped too low. Quick raise in blood sugar will lead to quicker drop also leading to change in energy levels rapidly. This sudeen change will adversely affect the body function and even the productivity too.

glycemic-responseHow does the change in Blood Sugar depends on the food : Not all foods cause your blood sugar to raise to the same degree,and this is where the Glycemic index comes in.Glycemic index scale is fro 1-100,which can be broken down into 3 categories based on how quickly they raise sugar levels after eating. Different foods have different level of GI. High GI (GI- 70 to 100) foods contain higher amount of starch and sugar, but low in fibre. Examples are White Bread, Rice, Potato Table Sugar etc. They do not provide sustained energy and lead to rapid raise and drop in sugar levels. when the Sugar level is dropped, one tend to feel Hungry.

On the other hand Low GI Meal (GI of 0 to 55) are low in carbohydrates and rich in fibre. These are typically unprocessed and take longer time to digest leading to less rapid changes in sugar levels and less frequent cravings for food. Examples include Vegetables, Whole fruits, beans and most 100%grain foods like brown rice, oats and millets. The fibre content in these foods make them more filling and slow digestion leading to less food intake.

This is the chief reason for suggesting low GI foods for weight management. The advantages of this strategy are

  • keeps one filled for longer and reuce cravings
  • Delays hunger and time between meals
  • Promotes short term satiety
  • The fibre rich content keep the bowel movement easy
  • Helps provide sustainable energy and minimize fluctuations in blood sugar
  • Helps in support in maintaining blood sugar levels within healthy range

Is there any proven Low GI Meal available readily

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