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Here is a classic case of wrong planning. Lot of digging happening all over the city. Some jokes fly around saying the basic plan is done where to dig. Once the digging is complete, the authorities will plan what to do there.
Another pathetic plan is the importance given to the contractors. If there is 1 feet pipe to be laid in any road the contractor blocks almost 20 feet. It is for the public to suffer.
In another example the airport elevated highway from Hebbal to Yelahanka, the road is blocked for more than a year now. Here most of the work is completed on the ground but almost 20 feet is blocked even if there us no visible construction happening for more than 3 months now. The authorities shall look into clearing the barricades which are erected while the pillars are being constructed.
Also the authorities shall look into providing viable alternatives before blocking the main roads rather than just adding to the choking.
Fir years now crossing the KR puram bridge is taking morethan 25 min for a distance of 300 meters. There seems to be no plan or work to decongest the traffic in that area.