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The Era of AD (Ache Din) Starts in India 1Narendra Bhai Modi – the Buzz word shaking up the Indian politics for the past more than 6 months. This will bing Ache Din in India. The name in particular gives nightmares to the some congress politicians. Few facts about this era of AD in India.
NaMo is the first Prime Minister of India who is born in Independent India. Coming from a poor family the Man once sold tea at the railway station to support his father. This past of Modi really helps him understand the pain of the common man and connect with him too. He has propelled BJP to power single handedly.
Before NaMo BJP was really in dumps not able to project its ideology and prove that it is a viable alternative. The rise of NaMo has given nightmares to many top politicians in the country. the biggest joke of this comes from a top politician from TN. The Harvard educated gentleman suddenly discovered that he is getting away from the Tamil Literature.
NaMo has been accused of being the prime person behind the riots. However, that is past and he has been given a clean chit by number of agencies including the Judiciary. Still the so called secularists keep raising the bogey of hard line Hindutva. NaMo however, was not a hard-liner.  He is a devotee like any other person in the world. Even Mahatma Gandhi has adopted Hinduism.
The basic problem in the country is that if a Hindu performs his religious duties he is called as communal. This does not apply to other religions. In fact the country need to redefine the word secularism. Currently this is defined as Hindu Bashing. Anyone bashing Hinduism is termed as secular. One appeasing minorities is more secular.
NaMo must change this perception of secularism.
Another important achievement of NaMo is that he could market the development he has made in Gujarat. with a Vast stretch of rann, this state is among top in the infrastructure, industrialization and together with peaceful life in the state.
With this we can say that the Era of AD (Ache Din ) is in india with NaMo at the top. reasons are Single Party getting Majority after almost 3 decades. No More coalition dharma. Proven track record of NaMo in the state.
Best of Luck India. You will be in the list of super powers shortly.