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Author: Mikhael Ross

We might take it for it granted but the Gregorian calendar we use today has its roots to ancient Egypt 6,000 years ago. Gregorian calendar is the most used civil calendar internationally.
The calendar was originally introduced by Pope Gregory XIII who lived from 1502 to 1585. The calendar was created with the help of priest and astronomer Christopher Clavius. Upon its institution on the day after October 4, 1582 (October 15, 1582) 10 days was immediately added to the date following October 4, making the next day October 15, 1582. It was done in an attempt to fix the errors of the then Julian calendar which was originally used from 45 BC until a change was proposed by Pope Gregory XIII,
Not all countries in Europe immediately accepted the new calendar. Some of the countries that almost immediately complied are Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Poland. France, some states that comprises Dutch Republic (modern day, Netherlands), the Catholic population of Switzerland, and Germany followed a year after.
The Protestants intensely opposed the new calendar and still followed the old Julian calendar. This opposition lasted for more than a century. Some countries comprising the Dutch Republic, such as Denmark, for example, accepted the calendar only until 1700 or 1701. Great Britain and its colonies in the Americas followed suit in 1752. Still, Greece only adopted and accepted the calendar as its official civil calendar only on 1923.
The need to change the then Julian calendar was part of adding up the 11 ½ minutes to fill in the inaccuracies it incurred in the previous years. The proposed Gregorian calendar served to advance the time by 10 more days along with other devices that would minimize the error of the current calendar.
In spite of the ingenious changes made to the Julian calendar, Gregorian calendar still has a number of weaknesses. Nevertheless, time is a man-made concept and the calendar we use today is not perfect. But more than ever, calendar is now used for business and civil purposes more than others.
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