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Step1.  First remove the Spark Plug  from unit  and  check spark by connecting Ignition Module wire to small end of spark plug allow large end to touch the body of the unit.
 pull the starter rope if have blue spark plug is good if not continue to next step.

Step 2.  if there is no spark you will need to clean spark plug.
 first take fine grit sand paper or emery cloth to all metal surfaces of large threaded end of spark plug till you see silver metallic color.
Dip large threaded end of spark plug in bottle cap of gas, then lay on nonflammable surface and light it.
Allow to burn out and cool this will get rid of all carbon build up on spark plug.  
If you don’t have a gap gauge for the spark plug you can gap it with the skinny end of a butter knife be sure to use and old one for this can damage the knife.

Step 3.  place small end of spark plug in ignition wire and allow large threaded end to touch body of engine.
if spark is blue place ot back in engine. 
If there the spark but it  is not blue then it needs replacement.
After replacing the old spark plug, if the engine does not start check to see if you have the blue spark.
 If you do not you will need to adjust the gap on you ignition module 
 After setting the gap check for the blue spark if you do not get the blue spark you have a bad ignition module

Originally posted 2011-03-15 19:42:00.